WANTED: 10 Women Who Want to Drop 10+ Kilos

FREE Training, Consulting and Support with International Best Selling Author


No Dieting, No Program and No Cost to Attend!

What’s the Catch? It’s Simple! Author of 6 Books Scott Groves is releasing a NEW Book this year and is looking for testimonials for it before its release.

Your success story may even make it in the book.
(with your permission of course!)

You will learn:

  • These 3 Eat Less, Move a Bit, Don’t Eat S#!T Principles and How to Apply Them to Everyday Life with Amazingly Simplicity
  • How to Eat to Shed Body Fat without Starving, Calorie Counting or Training Like a “Big Loser”
  • Fun Ways to Train (Move) and Get Fast Results
  • How to Fit Stuff In Even if You Work Full Time, Have Kids and a Husband that Wants to Have Sex with You at the End of the Day
  • How to Grocery Shop So You Cannot Fail
  • Recommended Products, Training Tools and Nutrition that Virtually Guarantees Success (all optional, get what you like, use what you like)
  • And Most Importantly… the Mindset that Allows a True Lifestyle Change so You Never Go Back!

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What You Need to Do Next If You Want One of These Very Limited Spots…

WHERE: Burleigh based Workshop on Tuesday every 2 weeks (with catch ups in between)

FREE: Pre-Release Copy of “Eat Less, Move a Bit, Don’t Eat S#!T

BRING: A positive, supportive attitude, open mind and desire to change!

Scott will personally contact successful attendees by phone – be quick! Very limited spots!


*You will receive an email to confirm your interest / optin to join.

Thank you and I was going to say “Good Luck” but lucks got nothing to do with it! Hope to meet you soon – Scott.

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