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What is M3TRIC?

M3TRIC is an Exclusive Business Forum for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who value ongoing training in cutting edge business strategy to give them the freedom in business they dreamed of when they began.

Built on a powerful compilation of business principles that are reduced to their ultimate simplicity for maximum action and results.


“Numbers don’t lie” and “The numbers tell the story” is central to M3TRIC’s guiding ideal that “Every Business Can Be Boiled Down to ONE KEY M3TRIC”.

Whilst many accountants, advisers and business owners may challenge or struggle with this concept, I will prove it is not only true, BUT critical to get such clarity about your business if you really want to build in the revenue, profit and time freedoms that YOU as the business owners truly wants.

Power of 3’s

M3TRIC is based on the simple principle that most things happen in 3’s. Jay Abraham has taught for years that “there are only 3 ways to grow ANY business”. In M3TRIC, you’ll discover there are a series of core “3’s” for each of the 12 High Impact Areas of YOUR business, and find ways to easily measure, monitor and grow.

Once the mind is expanded by an idea,
it will never return to its original dimension.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

M3TRIC 33 Principles &
Lifestyle Entrepreneur Philosophies

M3TRIC Members meet in a facilitated mastermind environment to measurably expand and grow the profitability of your business.

The ultimate business environment for those who want more than high level training. M3TRIC brings you a series of principles and guiding philosophies that are timeless.

Learn proven strategies across EVERY key area of your business with concepts like the “Power of 1 Degree” and the “Law of 3”.

Download M3TRIC’s
33 Principles for
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

M3TRIC’s Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
Group Training Format

Fortnightly 3 Hour M3TRIC Sessions
with *Optional Extra Hour Private Consults

Sessions a month apart is too long. Weekly is too much.
So when constructing the ideal program to develop the next level entrepreneur, we settled on twice a month.

Hour # 1

M3TRIC sessions begin with a quick review of what was completed last month to hold each entrepreneur accountable with each other. And then it’s into a High Impact Area of training.

Each of the 12 High Impact Areas are covered 4 times throughout the year. The learnings compound and build on what you learnt last time – just like the book you read twice where you see things in it the second time that you failed to see the first.

From this first hour, you will note down action items that we then take into our “Sound Board” facilitated session where you can ask questions of all other entrepreneurs in a “Mastermind” forum – all facilitated by Scott Groves to keep things on track.

Hour # 2
Sound Board

M3TRIC’s Sound Board Hour is your chance to air your biggest challenge in business for that month and/or bounce your ideas from the Training Hour with everyone.

“The best ideas for marketing and growth will almost always come from outside your own industry.”

This hour is critical to refining your path to greater profits and growth. Just imagine having a room full of like-minded entrepreneurs throwing ideas at you from what they’ve seen in their industry.

Sound Board Hour is facilitated by Scott to keep things focussed and on track with the sole purpose to create an actionable, implementable system, project or procedure in your business which gets started during the “EX3CUTION Hour”.

Hour # 3

M3TRIC’s EX3CUTION Hour is where the rubber meets the road.

You have to act. M3TRIC is not about theory. It’s about ACTION!!!

Pressing “Go” is where fears, second guessing and procrastination surface – and with the feedback and on the spot coaching of Scott, you can break through barriers, overcome fear points and implement change management in yourself and the business to smoothly accelerate your outcomes.

EX3CUTION Hour can get a little chaos as people whip out the phone, flick off those emails and immediately put things into action. And before you leave your M3TRIC session, you will share with the room what you are doing this month so when you come back in 2 weeks – it will be DONE!!!

Hour # 4
Private Consults*

As part of your Annual Membership in M3TRIC, you get:

  • 24 M3TRIC Lifestyle Entrepreneur Training Academy Sessions (3 Hours)
  • Access to Private M3TRIC Facebook Group where conversations, questions continue
  • Access to Scott Groves’ personal rolodex of Resources

PLUS 10 X 15 Minute Private Consultation Sessions.

These can be grouped into chunks for a one hour or two session if you want. Or simply grab one of the 15 minute chunks on the day to privately discuss with Scott anything for your business or personal life.

These can be booked outside of M3TRIC days on appointment via email or spur of the moment on a M3TRIC day.

*4 Private Consultation Slots Available Each M3TRIC Day.

  • 12 High Impact Areas

    Focus. Leverage. Impact.


M3TRIC High Impact Areas

M3TRIC’s High Impact Areas are the foundation of what Scott has been consulting with clients for over 15 years.

These areas of business are as they sound – HIGH IMPACT!!!

Understanding each and how you can maximise and focus on each one in your business will give you the direction and focus you need to go to the next level.

High Impact Areas work together. And each one will reveal the visible gaps in your business and allow you to immediately find the profit windfalls that lay hidden.

It’s very practical. And it’s mind-expanding once you see the world through these glasses.

Available in 3 Month, Annual or Private (In Your Own Company)

  • M3TRIC 12 Week Intensive

  • 3 Months of Weekly Entrepreneur Training

    – 12 Weeks of 4 Hours per Week
    – Fast Track Training for High Growth Entrepreneurs
    – Ideal for Startups and High Growth Teams
    – Learn. Soundboard & Execute Ideas

  • M3TRIC Annual Training Academy

  • Annual Membership with Fortnightly Training

    – 3 Hour Session + Option Consultation Hour
    – Access to Private Facebook Group
    – 10 x Private Consultation Sessions
    – Facilitated Joint Venture Opportunities

    PLUS: Your Business Partner / Life Partner can attend FREE!!!

  • M3TRIC Private Inhouse Training

  • Annual Monthly Training with Your Own Team

    – Designed to Build Trust and Growth with Your Team
    – Facilitated Sessions Aimed Specifically at Your Business, Product & Opportunities
    – 10 x Private Interview Sessions with Staff
    – Interim Fortnightly Zoom Meetings for Implementation Feedback between sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. A lot of people have sat through my other trainings 3 and 4 times. You can attend a further 12 Week Intensive for a small fee of just $1,000 to run through the 12 weeks again – your partner can come for FREE if they don’t miss any sessions. Remember though… the first 50 to enrol in the 12 Week Intensive will get FREE M3TRIC Membership for the Whole Year!!!

You can call or email for support. Your questions help improve every aspect of M3TRIC as it speeds learning as others may have similar questions.

Remember there is a Private Facebook Page for M3TRIC if you are happy sharing with everyone for feedback.

You also have on the Annual Membership, 10 Private Consultations you can use anytime.

No problem. That’s where you can use your ten (10) private 15 minute consultations which you can use anytime. These are your private calls to discuss anything you like. You can even request 3-way calls with others if you feel it will assist you.

Yes. Absolutely. It is your time to use however you need. You might need to make an appointment to book a time or if the 4th Hour after M3TRIC Sessions is clear you could take up the whole hour to yourself if you wanted.

Our goal is to be as flexible as we can so you as the Entrepreneur gets what you need.