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Specialising In Strategy Marketing Sales High Performance Coaching Personal Development Leadership & Culture Across Over 40+ Industries for Over 21 Years

Sales Training

One of Australia’s foremost expert sales trainers. With a track record of writing sales training programs for multi-national companies still being used over a decade on. Scott also successfully wrote the sales training manual & trained a franchise group that flew into the Top 10 BRW Award Winners for 3 years straight.

Scott has personally worked in the trenches. As a commission only sales career, Scott re-wrote the record books for Highest Sales, Highest Earnings and was Awarded Referrals Champion with his sincere, authentic approach that centers on winning trust and helping people.


Website Development

Wordpress specialist Team experienced & certified in HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP and Javascript.

Predominantly hired to build new or re-build outdated sites with a CMS (Content Management System) for client control.

Scott believes in client control and consults in super-transparent way to show clients how to maintain complete and full control of all digital assets. From hosting, to domain, to social accounts, to licensed code and more.

Let Scott and his Team walk you through “What You Must Know”, the 4 Critical Things You Need to Keep Up-to-Date, Get a Free Client Website Development Checklist and more…

Social Media Training

As Social Media Trainer to Olympians, businesses, and artists for over 5 years, Scott uses human psychology to build social media plans that work. Show your human side. Engage and add value to people’s lives.

Get the truth about how to truly leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Get access to every shortcut learnt from more than 12 years online. Protect yourself and your brand. Learn how to leverage your time and publish content professionally and quickly.

Use pre-built formulas and templates to target topics that lead to sales.

Get the reality check you need that shows publishing is only 20% – the other 80% is marketing that content.

Discover time saving apps used by the pros & more…

Scott speaking to 500+ Business Owners on Gold Coast

Speaking & Training

Scott Groves is keynote speaker & trainer at Annual Conferences, to large sales teams, Board meetings, Summits, workshops, break-out sessions along with his own seminar series.

Topics include:

  • High Performance Humans
  • Exponential Growth Trends
  • Science of Sales Mastery
  • Octopus Marketing
  • Power of Subconscious Goal Setting
    (from the International Best Selling Book)
  • Nitro Success for Kids
  • Ultra Human Endurance Secrets for Business People
  • Social Media

Available for 1 hour, 2 hour, Half Day and Full Day.

Strategic Planning

Get perspective and direction with strategic consultations through to full strategic plans developed in unison with you or as blunt feedback with team and market based interviews to highlight growth opportunities within your business.

Learn about exponential technologies and where the world is going – AND what you MUST do to be ready for the changes that are inevitable.

Every business is faced with greater opportunity mixed with greater uncertainty than ever before in history.

Strategy provides direction but you must also blend this with clarity of culture that your people can live and breathe “WHY” they come to work. Learn integration at its highest level and work systematically to get all cogs working on the same machine.

The Power of Words

“Words have a biochemical effect on the human body.” – Anthony Robbins

Language is still the most powerful tool of influence.

Images grab attention. Words convert.

Once your design has captured the eyeballs of your market, you know have to hold their attention long enough to persuade them to take action – the true skill of marketing is still “WORDS”.

Learn to inject psychologically proven words that resonate with the human minds you are seeking to influence and persuade. Access decades of proven techniques and methods to fast track your results. Use our checklists to quickly eliminate words that hurt your chances of success.

Just one word can kill a conversation. Don’t say the wrong thing!

Master your words in all forms – direct speech, videos, email, text, sales scripts, phone calls.

“Scott’s understanding of human psychology and what makes people whip out their wallets is incredible. His methods are worth a fortune. No serious business owner would be found dead without a marketing and sales coach like Scott Groves.”

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