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    author. futurist. lifestyle entrepreneur.
    trainer. coach. consultant. speaker.
    husband. dad. runner. friend.

Scott Groves is Author of 6 Books & Consultant to Some of Fastest Growing Companies in Australia

What began as a passion for learning about the human mind has expanded into a deep understanding for the psychological principles that drives human performance, business growth,sales decisions, marketing conversions, decision making and behavioural prediction to help people and businesses get the greatest possible outcomes.

As a former professional tennis player who has coached at the elite level at the Australian Open, Scott has also worked with athletes from a variety of sports to help extract the best out of them to produce Australian Records and National Titles on almost a dozen separate occasions.

Scott himself is still extremely fit as he explores the world of triathlons and marathon running in a constant search to find out just what we as humans are capable of.



Founder & CEO of Scott Groves International

Scott is a widely read, highly resourceful sought out consultant with over 20 years of real world, practical experience in strategy, marketing, direct sales, copywriting and leadership. Author of 6 Books and numerous Special Reports now sold in more than 21 countries worldwide.

I have found that the principles of success are almost identical from business to sport. Once you know these principles, you can apply them to any area of life.
– Scott Groves

A Bit Different…

In business, the midas touch seems to follow as well. Scott has an uncanny ability to cut to the core issues that hold people back and immediately create a state for permanent change. This has seen salespeople produce increases of over 800%. In marketing he has used similar principles to get clients return on investments totalling 2,975%. And his coaching methods see a large portion of clients double turnover on consecutive years.

Whilst Scott is becoming more difficult to pin down in a consultative basis, and his desire to travel has reduced with family commitments – his methods are now being released in his books and coaching programs – with refined methods designed to shortcut the already impressive results Scott gets with people.

Scott is a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects – but particularly strategy, human influence, sales, marketing, business growth, psychology, leadership/management, fitness, nutrition, health, philosophy and corporate culture.

Scott has worked with some of the most experienced CEO’s in business. He has completed 100km and 50km UltraMarathons, 14 Marathons, 3 Half Ironmans’. He speaks regularly at schools for Australian Business Week and is passionate about what he calls “Balanced Abundance“. The dominating philosophy of his life which says…

“Everything in moderation is B.S. You can have abundance in ALL you do. AND you can have it in a balanced way”.

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