Ep 6 : The Rejection Economy

Risk and Your Rejection Economy

When you mention the word “Risk”, most people immediately think of money.

Starting a new business requires risk. Growing your existing business takes risk. But there’s another kind of risk. And it’s emotional. It’s also one of the best ways to grow.

Risk Rejection.

You can grow any business if you are prepared to risk the emotions of rejection.

Too many people get locked into a mindset of financial risk and if they don’t have the money, or can’t raise it – it’s game over for them.

But with just a little bit of initiative, some creativity and the willingness to risk your emotional well being, you can grow just about anything.

Single and want to find a new partner? It won’t come from money, you need to risk rejection.

Have an idea but too scared to share it with your boss? Money won’t change this, you must face the risk of rejection.

Rejection is its own economy. And many great salespeople understand this. They can within the cogs of a business, enjoying all the fruits of the admin, the manufacturing, the management support. They can start with little to no money and take a product they believe in and create a fortune.

In June 2018, I was invited to be the guest speaker at an Annual Convention for an International Health company I previously cut my teeth in sales with back 19 years ago. Amongst all the nostalgia of being back around people I knew, I bumped into a lady who started her life again in sales all those years ago. She was a single mum. Born and raised in Hungary, her English took you a few minutes to understand if you were new to the accent.

After our warm hug and platitudes, she took great pride in sharing with me she is now a millionaire. And not just a million in so called assets etc – she literally has over 1 million dollars cash in the bank.

Her nature is unchanged. She’s as humble as ever. And she built her entire wealth on a rejection economy.

Who can do this? Well, anybody who is willing to risk.

People are often too limited by their interpretation of risk. Putting yourself out there in all the various forms can be as powerful as any investor or windfall. In fact, you will often find that money won’t solve your problems. Eventually a business has to promote, to present, to risk rejection.

Your ideas need the feedback. And that feedback forms the seed of a new economy that can make your dreams come true.

You may find it hard at times. Getting rejected can be brutal. It can empty your cup. When it does, regroup, take some time to get strong again and like a muscle, your ability to handle rejection and keep going will form a steely resolve that will unlock potential you cannot imagine when you start out.