The Path of Least Resistance

Resistance is your only obstacle to success.

Most resistance is internal.

For all the banter and talk about external obstacles, it is the internal obstacles you must command. Master the internal and you can overcome almost any external obstacle.

The barrier to success lies hidden in that twinge of resistance you feel about putting yourself out there, making that call, pressing publish.

But here’s where the understanding of resistance gets confused by people.

The “Path of Least Resistance” IS NOT the path of “no” resistance.

Resistance is always there.

There is no path of “No Resistance”. The resistance is the struggle every entrepreneur, athlete and parent feels every day.

When you use your talent and skill, resistance is lessened. With passion and inspiration, resistance takes a back seat. But it never goes away.

Resistance is that inertia we feel when starting out, when trying something new.

Like pushing a broken down car, the first few steps are the hardest. But once you get going, it all gets easier. As momentum builds, inertia wanes. But resistance still lingers.

Possessing talent, experience and skill is like pushing a small car.

Building a business in your areas of weakness is like trying to move a truck. The inertia and resistance is so strong, you may never get the momentum. And it’s not the trucks fault. Use your talents and passions and any great artist can push a truck downhill. But uphill is reserved for the unhappy capitalist. The schmuck enticed by financial opportunity and blinded to unhappy tasks.

And why does happiness matter when it comes to resistance?

Because to win, you must endure. To endure, you gotta love it enough to stick at it. And the time element is where unhappy people ask “why am I doing this?”. People happy doing what they are doing, resistance and all, never ask that question.

You must keep pushing even though the excitement of the first movement has passed. it was wonderful going from nothing to something.

But now, you are now entering the long push. That place where boredom and repetition becomes a new form of resistance. Another internal obstacle designed to prevent you from winning.

A clear focus on the progress you have made, how far you have come, how close you are to the finish line can be enough to keep pushing on.

The End of Resistance

Finish what you start. Knowing you CAN complete it, adds a new resistance too. You are now beyond the doubt of “will I?” and you are edging closer to the end. Everyone wants the finish line. That satisfying moment where you cross the line. But it’s so fleeting.

And with each finish line, a new resistance is coming. The next challenge.

Remember this, all the talent, skill and experience in the world can be combined with a passionate crusade to set you on the path of “least” resistance.

There is no path of “no resistance”. You will always be asked to “bring it”.

Your job is to bring the effort required to overcome the resistance that stops you from achieving your goal. If you just do that, nothing can stop you.

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