Get Lost.

Two simple words that can enrich the human soul.

In a world of certainly, stagnation and monotony – one of the best ways to get in touch with nature, excitement and the love of life again is to get lost.

Think of yourself like an explorer. To explore, one must be lost. Otherwise you are simply travelling somewhere.

Years ago, I developed a love of trail running. I think it started as a kid in primary school with the cross country races. To me they weren’t races. They were an escape. An escape from the irrelevant classes we were condemned to sit through day after day. A cross country adventure made me feel alive. And with that feeling of aliveness, I ran uninhibited… Free!

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When you embark on an adventure like launching a new project, you enter the Unknown. You are lost on a trail and your skills of exploration kick in. You learn with each step. You navigate across each obstacle and tricky turn as it comes along. You have no idea what’s up ahead but you keep moving as you seek to discover something. Maybe it’s that something you discover about yourself as you progress towards your goal.

I have this deep belief that the best entrepreneurs are more comfortable with being “lost”. They don’t fear the uncertainty that makes most people so uncomfortable. Being lost on a trail can get to some people. Others sit much more comfortable in it. They trust themselves. They can deal with the Unknown. And they are more adaptable to each challenge as it presents itself.

Certainty is a human need. So is uncertainty as it adds variety to your life. Every one needs to get lost more often. To tap into the inner explorer and re-discover what you’re capable of. Something great is waiting on the other side of the Unknown.

Get lost and go find it.

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