rock, log and salmon - scottgroves

The Rock, the Log & the Salmon

The workplace is like a great river. An environment with 3 main characters. The Rock. It’s heavy. It pulls people down. It pulls down ideas. It sits there - motionless. Cold and immovable. Everything flows on by around it. But the rock is…
restart like a startup by scott groves

Restart Like a Startup

If you’re an established business, 5 years or longer, have the systems in place and are wondering how to get to the next level - maybe you need to re-start like a startup… Here’s a few things to re-consider if you want growth. First…

Business at the Speed of Sport

Sport provides great lessons and insights into business. With endless metaphors about winning and failing, most times business reaps the benefits of sporting mentality. But in business, there’s still an old school perception that gets held…
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Exponential Thinking

Businesses need to stop thinking so linear. It’s not only costing some companies, it’s killing them. And worse yet, we as a society are still deep in the same ole traditions of training, teaching and governing that re-enforce linear-type…

Get Lost

Get Lost. Two simple words that can enrich the human soul. In a world of certainly, stagnation and monotony - one of the best ways to get in touch with nature, excitement and the love of life again is to get lost. Think of yourself…

Corporate Culture: the Unseen Impact

Inside any organisation, community, club or social circle, there exists a culture. Culture is essentially the energy and rules of that environment. And culture especially exists inside your business. Now, some may write this off as “airy-fairy”…