Corporate Culture: the Unseen Impact

Inside any organisation, community, club or social circle, there exists a culture.

Culture is essentially the energy and rules of that environment.

And culture especially exists inside your business.

Now, some may write this off as “airy-fairy” but I disagree. Culture is something that you not only feel; it is the central force that drives and influences what comes out of that environment.

What does Corporate Culture Affect?

Culture is as concrete as the floor beneath your feet.

  • It affects your staff longevity and happiness.
  • It affects productivity.
  • It affects your customer experience you create in the sales and marketing process.
  • It affects the attitude when delivering your product or service.
  • And bottom line… it affects your bottom line!

If you can take an honest look inside what really goes on in business cultures, you will discover there are “unspoken” things going on where staff don’t tell the boss important things.

Staff are saying stuff to each other which is quietly creating a culture killer.

What about the levels of trust between staff and management?

Is there the feedback chain that provides a seamless flow of ideas from the people working in the trenches to management who can implement efficiency changes?

And then there’s those dumb decisions by management that changes the rules without any customer or staff consultation and wonder why people become disgruntled, bitch and moan or just flat out leave.

Business is a people’s game. If you can’t win the people inside your own walls, how do you expect to win the ones outside?

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