Ep 5 : Rejection See-Saw

This episode talks about goal setting and the inevitable rejection and negative “dream-stealers” we ALL encounter.

“Goals are designed to make YOU become the type of person it takes to achieve them.”

The resistance, rejection and negativity that people will throw back at you will be like water off a
ducks back when you have high self-esteem. I once read that, “The person with the highest self-esteem is the hardest to offend”. I believe this to be true. I also believe the opposite of this to be true. “The person with the lowest self-esteem is the easiest to offend.”

In this episode:

  • Learn how to deal with rejection
  • Master the “Rebel” within you to power on
  • Know the “knowledge supporters” vs “emotional supporters”
  • How to break down large scale goals to get the right support
  • and more…