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The Good Human PodcastScott Groves

Ep 5 : Rejection See-Saw

This episode talks about goal setting and the inevitable rejection and negative "dream-stealers" we ALL encounter. "Goals are designed to make YOU become the type of person it takes to achieve them." The resistance, rejection and negativity…
The Good Human PodcastScott Groves
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Source of Mastery

 Is discipline is the single most important quality in life? To form habits requires discipline. To build a great business requires discipline. To carve a great body requires discipline. Action is important, but discipline implies repetition. And…
The Good Human PodcastScott Groves

New Years Promise… Have You Kept Yours?

14 days ago, you made a promise. It was your New Years Resolution and I have no doubt that you made one or at least thought seriously about what you wanted to change or improve with your life this year. Well, the time is now - for someone…