origami birds Is discipline is the single most important quality in life?

To form habits requires discipline.
To build a great business requires discipline.
To carve a great body requires discipline.

Action is important, but discipline implies repetition.
And the ability to repeat the necessary steps again and again requires constant discipline.

Discipline has two key factors that few talk about…
1) You push to go far enough to achieve real progress.
2) You hold back with a self-imposed constraint so you may go the distance again tomorrow.

Fitness and business share similarities.

If you push your body too far, you’ll tear something. Push your business for too much growth, and you’ll find yourself growing but soon surrounded by chaos.

If you don’t push for enough, you won’t grow – you won’t get better.

When we look at great athletes, great businesses and great achievements throughout all humanity, we recognise the underlying discipline it has taken to achieve it, without ever seeing the full sacrifice one makes.

We may see the finished product and never fully comprehend the discipline it has taken.

For that reason, you must develop your own discipline.

It is from this, you will see that discipline is the source of mastery.



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