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Business Principle – “Wedding Day”

Statistics in life? Chances of success? Wedding? Business? How does all this tie together?

Read on for weird but on the money insight…

Of all the business principles that lead to success, there is one that likens itself to a wedding day.

Throughout history, the greatest, most sustaining companies and organisations have a number of things in common with putting the ring on a finger.

Love, commitment and happily ever after.

Let’s look at each.

Business Principle of Love

All the great companies have founders who loved building something bigger than themselves. They have people working for them who love being around them, working on something meaningful that contains a portion of that selfless endeavour to help others. Most of all, they love helping their customers. They love the value they add to their lives and the rewards – both financially and emotionally they receive as a result.

Business Principle of Commitment

No relationship can survive without commitment. No project gets seen through to completion and even beyond to further improvement without commitment. Commitment is one of the cornerstones business principles that drives progress. Commitment to ethical business standards and practices, but most of all to the values that uphold how you treat people. Commitment to staff and management who create the magic that serves the people. You cheat on anyone – you fail.

Unwavering commitment is hard when cashflow is tight and the creditors are knocking on the door. But commitment means doing what you hold true and dearest to your value systems and what you believe will further humanity as a result.

That’s what leads to happily ever after. How many business people do you hear these days talking exit strategies instead of succession planning? Divorce mentality… hmmm….

Tell me, if someone truly believed their organisation they built was leaving behind a legacy that helps progress humankind, why would there ever be an exit strategy. 3M began as a mining company in 1902 and evolved over time to now providing us with more little yellow post it notes than we know what to do with. Ford began in 1903 and sold 15 Million of it’s Model T Fords’, but it didn’t die when Henry Ford died, it lived on with a philosophy grounded in helping people beyond Ford’s lifetime, and he knew it.

Great marriages never think of divorce. They only ever think of forever after. The person who thinks of bailing is not really committed. Not prepared to go through the hard stuff to enjoy the good stuff. You must “love” what you do like you love a soulmate.

Statistics and chances of success aren’t just improved for those who love what they do (and who they do!!! – sorry couldn’t resist), their chances of success are are stacked in their favour because that’s what lifelong success is built on.

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