Social Media – Why?

The world of social media is more than place to connect with people, increase fans and followers.

Social media satisfies a deep need we each have as human beings. It gives us a platform to express ourselves. Even deeper, it allows for creative expression – a need we all inherently share, but combined with the beautiful structure of a social media platform, it enables like minded people to join our passions and share in the experience.

You can post a photo on Facebook or what you had for lunch -and the world is bored very quickly with your content. It’s like the world is saying “Get a Life” as you see little comments or people talking about it.

But when you express your creativity, tell a story that engages, share a meaningful quote that people connect with, you see people spark up with like-minded enthusiasm. They are sharing in your creative expression. By satisfying your own need to express your pure creativity, you activate someone else’s.

In business, this is creating a change also. Companies are not stagnant entities. They are driven at their core by people with the need to express themselves creatively. Products are getting better. Designs are more thoughtful. Gone are the cheap pieces of shit that no one cares for anymore. They simply don’t last. No one talks about them anymore. People want quality. They want an experience they can talk about. They want your creative expression to spark theirs.

Social media is a vehicle for people to express themselves creatively. Philip DeFranco is famous on youtube not because he has 2.5 Million followers – it’s because of his creative expression. It’s entertaining. OneMinutePhysics is a youtube channel that uses creativity to make physics interesting and captures the imagination of the masses with it’s unique approach and gets approximately 1 Millions views on each video.

The creative expression will continue to dominate social media (as it should) and the mundane boring losers (Paris Hilton springs to mind) who post crap like “I’m going to the mall now”, will drift into oblivion as the interesting and captivating takes over.

It means businesses who use passion as their business strategy, will again focus on being true to themselves and allow their creative expression to shine through. Not only will they have a large following in social media – they’ll have a loyal and engaged following. The quantity of people is not nearly as important as the level of shared interest.

It means individuals who live truly interesting lives will be the ones to have something to talk about, and in return have the audience.

Social media is here to stay. No doubt about it. How it’s used will go through phases like all other medias as users shift from fad to trend. Adding value to people’s lives, entertaining and educating people will always be effective strategies – but now, it’s easy to do it about subjects you actually love!

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