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moneybox marketingMy 11 year old daughter could quite possibly be the smartest marketer in the world!

There’s 2 powerful lessons she can teach you… but first the back story so this all makes sense…

Like most kids, my two have money boxes. Bella has a cool retro yellow VW Kombie and Andre the red one. They are both good with money and love to save up for their “lifestyle” investments at their favourite stores like Build-a Bear.

But last week, Annabel did something that was pure marketing genius!

And every marketer in the world can learn a lesson from this Grade 6 girl.

Lesson #1 – Be Observant

You’re probably just like me. You come home and one of the first things you do is empty your pockets and put down your keys, phone, wallet and sunglasses some place.

I don’t know about you but I’ll take a wild guess and suggest it’s probably the same place everyday, right?

The ability to understand human psychology in business is powerful. Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as my girl has been watching, taking in the habits of her Dad’s pocket empty every day.

For me, the drop zone is a wooden bookshelf near the iDock speaker which doubles as a phone charger.

Lesson # 2 – How to Get the Money

Annabels’ genius was this… as she left for school, she places her Kombie right next to the dock charger and says “I want to leave my money box here from now on, is that okay?” I said to her, “I’d rather you leave it in your room”. Bella’s objection handling was to the point when she said, “But this is where the money is!” I just nodded with a smile as my brain said, “MARKETING GENIUS!!!”

Do you go where the money is in your business?

Do you know how your customers operate, what they do, where they leave things, how they think as well as an 11 year old girl?

Do you have a device that intersects exactly where customers transact?

There’s more to this story…

What’s interesting in having the “Kombie” hang out where I do when I empty the pockets is this – how easy it is to fill Bella’s money box for her. She’s cleaning up! I am finding myself naturally drop all spare coins into her money box virtually without thinking. The only conscious thought that keeps coming to mind is, “I need to go put the same amount in Andre’s now because he’s getting left behind” (and since he’s only 8 I can’t penalise him for not thinking of this himself – most business owners wouldn’t come up with this!).

The lesson’s pretty clear.

# 1 Be Observant: Know Your Client / Customer Intimately

# 2 Go Where the Money Falls Out of People’s Pockets (or simple put… Go Where the Money Is!)

Thank You Bella – you’re a beautiful GENIUS!!!

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