How Do You Consume Content?

Every single day, businesses worldwide are wrestling with their online presence. Do I do social media? Should we update our website? Blogging? Well, it’s year 2015 and if you are in business, the simple answer to all is YES! But it’s…
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Entrepreneurial Detachment: The Spiritual Side of Profit

Entrepreneurs often treat their business like their baby. They love. Nurture. Watch and protect. But unlike raising children, your business benefits from speed of execution. And the ability for entrepreneurs to "Let Go" and detach from…
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Business Breaking Points: Is this the Key to Growth?

What Are 'Breaking Points' & Are They The Key to Business Growth? My kids attend a catholic school and this year the school leased a small room at the exterior of the church to some cool locals who have put in a coffee shop. It's done…
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Ideas: Novelty or Core Strategy?

Why Do  Some Companies Treat Ideas as Novelty Instead of Core Strategy? As a consultant to many industries, sectors and businesses, this article may be somewhat of a venting rant but I think it needs to be said so we can all step back for…
Strengths vs Weaknesses
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The Truth About Strengths and Weaknesses

For years I've listened to different advice about strengths and weaknesses. Some say, improve your weaknesses so you're less vulnerable. In tennis that may hold some truths but does it work in business? So what's the truth? Well I think…
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Marketing Channel or Campaign?

Online marketing is the fastest changing medium in marketing It's highly reactive. For those of you who have been online for the past decade like I have, you have seen the trends and fads come and go. You might remember the first ebooks…
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Two V’s of Marketing Testing

2 V's and 3M's of Marketing Can Guide Your Entire Marketing Strategy Every marketing and sales test requires two V's: 1. Volume 2. Variation Like many things in life, business and even sport - if you want to keep score and track…