Drowning in Dribble

Are you adding value to humans? Or writing to satisfy search engines? Lately, I’m finding myself drowning in a sea of dribble. Long winded blogs and articles that feel like they’ve forgotten who the real reader is. SEO experts will…

Rand Fishkin on Unique Content

MOZ's WhiteBoard Friday with Rand Fishkin reveals... Formula for Getting Content to Rank Unique content is not enough! If you want your content to rank you need to aim higher. Rand explains a process that anybody can use to benchmark…

How Do You Consume Content?

Every single day, businesses worldwide are wrestling with their online presence. Do I do social media? Should we update our website? Blogging? Well, it’s year 2015 and if you are in business, the simple answer to all is YES! But it’s…
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Entrepreneurial Detachment: The Spiritual Side of Profit

Entrepreneurs often treat their business like their baby. They love. Nurture. Watch and protect. But unlike raising children, your business benefits from speed of execution. And the ability for entrepreneurs to "Let Go" and detach from…
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Business Breaking Points: Is this the Key to Growth?

What Are 'Breaking Points' & Are They The Key to Business Growth? My kids attend a catholic school and this year the school leased a small room at the exterior of the church to some cool locals who have put in a coffee shop. It's done…
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Ideas: Novelty or Core Strategy?

Why Do  Some Companies Treat Ideas as Novelty Instead of Core Strategy? As a consultant to many industries, sectors and businesses, this article may be somewhat of a venting rant but I think it needs to be said so we can all step back for…

How to HashTag

Social Media has been using #hashtags since Chris Messina suggested Twitter group topics in a single stream with the use of a "hash" symbol (#) back in october 2007. Whilst the idea was initially rejected, it is now common throughout all social…