Drowning in Dribble


Are you adding value to humans? Or writing to satisfy search engines?

Lately, I’m finding myself drowning in a sea of dribble. Long winded blogs and articles that feel like they’ve forgotten who the real reader is.

SEO experts will argue all day long about the length of content or you won’t rank. Good copywriters will tell you there’s no such things as too long, only too boring.

But if your articles are both long AND boring – what’s the point? What’s the point of being found by humans through search engines, only to bore the shit out of them when they arrive.

Write for humans first. Add value to people’s lives. Truly write with the genuine focus on helping others be better, learn something, avoid screw-ups, save time etc and you’ll be shared, found and celebrated.

Write for yourself, (which means to be found by many – SEO focused!) and the self-centered, boredom of unnecessary length will drown people.

Seth Godin writes 1-2 blog posts a day. All short. He has done for years. His “short”, non-SEO articles put him amongst the top blogs in the world.

People value time. Save it for them. Add the value you want to add. Say what you want to say. Get in. Get out.




Photo by Fredrick Suwandi on Unsplash