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The Truth About Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths vs Weaknesses

For years I’ve listened to different advice about strengths and weaknesses.

Some say, improve your weaknesses so you’re less vulnerable. In tennis that may hold some truths but does it work in business?

So what’s the truth?

Well I think the truth to this answer depends on what it is you’re doing.

Apply it sport, and a weakness means exposure. It’s a gap that can be breached. A chink in your armour that leaves you vulnerable. In short, a weakness in sport means you will inevitably lose.

In business, the same holds true. Invest your time in a weak area and you’ll lose. But in business, a weakness means get someone else to do it.

Someone is strong at what you are weak at, and that should be their job. The things you are strongest at, need to remain yours. In fact, you need to do everything in your power to make sure that is the only thing you are doing because that’s what will yield you the greatest return on effort (ROE).

Results is the name of the game. Focus on your strengths and you multiply your results. Focus activities using your strength creates momentum. And momentum creates compound results.

Focus on your weaknesses and you get incremental results. Plus, you get frustration, anxiety, and stress and you are constantly operating outside your natural state of flow.

Flow is the state where you produce your best results, with maximum impact, with the least effort (for you). And it happens for you easily because using your strengths is your most natural state of being.

Focus on your strengths is good advice. Do it, and watch your results multiply.


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