Want better results in life? There is one simple answer to those who want to change their circumstances.

The title of this blog “consistency” obviously gives it away. So now let’s dissect it.

You can’t get fit doing 50 push ups just once or eating one healthy meal.
You can’t get wealthy by saving money just one pay day.
You can’t make salesperson of the year by cold calling heavily for 3 days.
You can’t maintain a relationship by showing your love once.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to do it with consistency.

In almost every area of your life, you will find consistency, or lack of it, the central key to your success or lack of it. You won’t have to look hard.

If you are overweight, you probably know what to do to change it. It is not a lack of knowledge. You have probably taken the actions previously. Why haven’t you changed? I am willing to bet it is because you did NOT consistently take the right actions.

And you are not alone.

The same principle applies to billions of people in business, sales, marketing, relationships, you name it.

We all have had the speech about “you must take action”. But the truth is you must take action consistently to really get the results you are after.

5 years from now, you want to be able to say to people with absolute comfort and conviction, “this is just the way I am” when referring to your positive consistent habits you have.

If you wake at 5am and exercise, or you never touch an energy drink, or you write something of value for your subscribers every day – then the consistency simply becomes the way you are over time.

But you will only become that person if you are consistent.

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