New Years Promise… Have You Kept Yours?

new years resolution goals14 days ago, you made a promise.

It was your New Years Resolution and I have no doubt that you made one or at least thought seriously about what you wanted to change or improve with your life this year.

Well, the time is now – for someone to pull you up and see if you followed through on your promise. Because the further time slips pass a goal or promise to yourself, the less likely you are to make the change.

Since we are officially 2 weeks into the year, I thought now would be a good time to check in, get in your face and push you to follow through.

You wanted to achieve something this year, so why not go for it. If you have let things slip, it’s not too late. Make the commitment now to take actions to move you closer to the achievement of your goals and dreams. It won’t happen by sitting on your ass. Come on. “You can do it!” (Gee that reminds me of that guy out of those Adam Sandlers movies).

A resolution is your resolve to do something. Keep the promise you made to yourself and make this a great year for yourself.


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