Having goals can be tricky? It can screw with your head, right?

Well, here’s a simple method for making your life easier, more focussed and more successful.

Turn your goals into “Now Goals”.

What do I mean?

Most goals are set and written down in the form of a “Future Result”. Things like lose 5kg, increase my income by $2,000 per month, buy a new house, etc.

And one of the biggest challenges with this, is that it becomes easy to get disillusioned with what you should be doing TODAY.

So turn your “Future Result” into a “Now Goal”.

If your goal is to lose 5kg’s, then the now goals might be something like –
– no dessert after dinner
– protein shake and palm full of nuts for snacks
– drink more water and zero soft drink
– walk/run every morning (PS the weatherman doesn’t decide when you exercise, you do!)

If you goal is to increase your income by $2,000 per month, then the now goals might be something like –
– stop wasting time talking at the water fountain at work
– contact 5 more people a day who are legit prospects
– find one new “value add” that can help convert more sales

Now goals give you immediate action focus. And actions will leads to the inevitable end result you want in the future.

What are you waiting for? Go on, get to it!


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