Life has seasons.

My good friend “Hicksy” recently reminded me that everything in life has its season. From relationships, to business, careers, and even your physical health will go through its cycle of seasons.

In some instances, the sun can shine on you for years. Sometimes just months before the rains come again.

But either way, one season will end and another will begin.

The beauty of this is that every winter will pass. The downside is that another winter will come. And so it is with the great times in your life. You will have a wonderful summer. But it too shall end. And some time in the future, your summer will shine on you again.

What determines how long a winter lasts? What makes summer linger on longer in some people’s lives than others?

Attitude. Action. How you treat people. The value you bring to the world and the people around you. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but ride out the storm.

Seasons are a part of life. Don’t fight it or you will simply be fighting yourself. Enjoy the changing seasons as they colour your life.


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