People Never Cease to Surprise

There’s something unpredictable about human nature.

Maybe it’s the way we change our minds, change our approach, change our attitudes, change our acceptance of another…

Maybe it’s the way we stop to truly think about someone’s feelings and then surprise them with a beautiful dinner…

Maybe it’s the tender note we find on a bench top, ten minutes after they left for work…

When you meet someone new, you begin discovering those beautiful little things that make people interesting all over again. The different tastes in music, food, interests, passions and goals in life… they add spice to your own life just by being deeply interested in theirs.

Watching children grow has the same effect for me.

One day you wake up and you can’t believe they’re walking…talking…doing what they do. Every day reveals something new. And nothing ever changes. They just become more subtle, less noticeable as they grow, but nonetheless, the changes continue.

Your child develops humour and you wonder where it came from. Your child develops wisdom and you are floored how they shared it with you.

Whatever it is, people never cease to surprise.

Cherish the differences, and cherish the change – for it is these surprises that weave the fabric of your beautiful life.


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