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Diary of a Mad Man

The start of a new year brings reflection for me. Over the January holidays, I began flipping back through some old diary entries where I jot down ‘little life lessons’ from time to time.

Before I share with you my personal insight, let me share the back story of 2010 that made this diary entry grab me the way it did…

Last year was by far one of the most challenging in my life. My little boy began school. My Mum passed away. EBG sales were at an all time high which meant we were all busier than ever. And to top things off I completed some personal milestones during my spare time by completing the Gold Coast Marathon (42.2km) just 12 hours after vomiting for a full day (P.S. dehydration sucks!). A month later I completed the Brisbane Marathon in a new pb time of 3:26:00. 6 weeks after this I almost broke 5 hours for a Half Ironman only to back up 7 days later and complete the Melbourne Marathon on the famous MCG turf where my beloved Collingwood Magpies held up the AFL Grand Final Trophy – Yes, I kissed the ground! All in all, it was a big year. Why am I telling you all this? It should all be clear in a minute.

Looking back through some diary entries from over 2 years ago, I noticed a diary entry that sums up how we can all achieve extraordinary results – even when your wife, Dad, co-workers and friends all think you’ve gone mad!

Here’s what it said…

Diary of a Mad Man – Sept 8, 2008

This morning I went for a 20+km bike ride. I took a new route up through Robina – hitting some inclines which was nice for a change. As my legs began burning I began to think about an idea that seemed to randomly enter my mind. I was thinking about ways to overcome the challenges and obstacles of everyday life. Whether it’s making more money, more sales, getting fitter, whatever.

The solution… the only sensible thought that gripped my being…

“Try Harder.”

A lot can be said for intelligence, creativity, ingenuity – but the solution to many things in life is EFFORT – TRY HARDER!

***End of Diary Entry***

Try it for yourself over the next 30 days. Stop over thinking things and just learn to sweat things out. Put in the hard work. And with all that Action – you will get Traction. And with Traction you get Momentum. And with Momentum, you become UNSTOPPABLE!

As I read off my list of achievements to myself and look at the obstacles that hit me throughout the year, I still become gob-smacked at how much we are all capable of when we try our guts out.

What will you do in 2011?

I’m never 100% sure what I will do either, but I do know this – I’m gonna have fun doing it!

Happy New Year!

Scott Groves

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