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How to Endure in Business

What Endurance Running Teaches You About Business Many metaphors can be used in business. I like the lessons from endurance running because they contain everything you get in everyday business... Success Pain Setbacks Resistance To…
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Diary of a Mad Man

The start of a new year brings reflection for me. Over the January holidays, I began flipping back through some old diary entries where I jot down ‘little life lessons’ from time to time. Before I share with you my personal insight, let…

Gold Coast Marathon 2010

4 Solid Months of Training... 2 Best Mates by Your Side... Blue Skies and Cool Temperatures... and Vomiting (Huh)! Yep - this years marathon on the beautiful Gold Coast was set to be my quickest yet. With a goal time of sub 3:15:00 I…