The Law of Punctuality

Punctuality is a habit.

If you are consistently on time… or consistently late – you have a habit.
To some, it may seem like a small character trait. To others it will hold much greater value.

But rather than dive into opinion, I want to share with you the impact it can have on your life in relation to your goals.

Imagine for a moment, that your habit of punctuality was in direct proportion to having your goals turn up on time or not.

The more punctual you are, the more aware of time you are.

Your actions adapt to get you there on time. And the same is true with your goals.

I have no science to back this up. But I do have a bunch of common sense. Who knows, maybe can become a study in years to come. If so, I am convinced we would find a direct correlation between the people who are consistently on time achieve their goals on time.

And those who are consistently late, fail to achieve their goals on time – if at all.

Think about it, you want a run a personal best marathon, you focus on a time, train for a specific time.

You have a new product you want to launch for your business, you work to specific timelines, and ultimately a specific launch date with specific date and times for marketing etc.

Give this some attention. Respecting time is respecting yourself and others.

A saying we used to have years ago in the sales meetings we held 3 times a week was, “If you’re early you waste your time, if you’re late you waste everyone else’s time”.

Truth is, being early never is a waste of your own time either. Being early gives you more time. Being early builds the habit of time freedom. You get used to having extra time. This feeling of extra time becomes a habit. A central feeling to your life that gives you greater peace of mind and a more stress free existence.

The key to achieving punctuality, to achieving your goals, to getting the time freedom that most only dream about is being productive. (more on that in a coming post).

The Law of Punctuality – you achieve your goals in life in direct proportion to the habit of punctuality you consistently live with.

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