Subconscious Goals

The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting is about setting goals in a way that they burn themselves into the subconscious so that every action and decision is made in harmony with our inner core. The greater your understanding of the mind as it relates to the achievement of your goals the greater your possibilities.

The most powerful computer in the world is contained between your two ears. Experts claim that to build a computer that has the same capacity as the human mind would be as big as three Empire State buildings.

Think about that for a moment. We are creatures of limitless natures. The challenge with being born into a world that is abundant with potential and opportunity is that we are given a mind without an instruction manual.

Over time society has learned to believe in a scarcity mentality. One where opportunities are limited and abundance is reserved for the minority. Studies have indicated that we fail to use even one tenth of the potential that is housed within our brains. I once read the post mortem excerpts of Einstein which showed neural pathway connections did not quite reach 10% of his brain area. The potential is limitless. As you begin to see the abundance that exists and the truth that is disguised by circumstance, you will be using the Universal Mind as it was intended.

You will have at your disposal a potent force that creates realities of choice.

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