What is nothing? How do we do “nothing”? Is it even possible? Does nothing even exist?

Thinking about this has caused me to ask – should the word “nothing” even be in the dictionary?

When a friend phones you and asks “What are you doing?” and you respond “Nothing”, it actually begins a process of living unconsciously. A habit of not living fully present in the moment.

The paradox with this is really interesting…

Most people aim to “switch off” and do nothing to rest and recover – or re-gather their energy. But the only way to feel really fully alive and energetic is by living in the now moment and feeling it fully.

Eckhart Tolle’s books and his thinking is amazing. Reading them recently has got me really thinking about ‘nothing’.

How much more freeing would it be to say to your friend on the phone, “I was meditating a minute ago and now I’m talking to you”. Instead of being vague, switched off and unconscious, feel the energy and refreshing nature of alertness.

Instead of answering “nothing” we could answer with…

“I’m lying on the couch”

“I’m reading a book under a tree”

“I was staring at the stars”

“I was just thinking about life”

Enjoy your new nothing.

PS. Leave a comment – should ‘nothing’ be deleted from the dictionary? Yes or no – Have your say.


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