createThere is no shortage of ideas in this world. Everyday people come up with abundance of cool ideas that would improve this world, make our lives easier and probably yield them a windfall if they acted on it.

So it’s not lack of ideas. It’s lack of action thats slow progress. Slows humankind.

Lots of people are creative by nature. It’s a part of who we are. And despite research that tells us we are 95% highly creative by age 4 and by age 8 we are only 5 % creative as the criticism from parents and teachers educate kids into “you can’t do that” and “stop dreaming and get your head out of the clouds” – and these thoughts find a sad resting place in young minds (another topic to rant about another day). The creativity that still remains though is enough to change this world, not only for ourselves, but for all humankind.

The world is one big idea factory. It’s running 24/7. It’s producing great work. But it’s where the rubber meets the road we have a problem.

Vision + No Action = Dreaming

Vision + Action = Creation

If you’re the kind of person who can act on ideas – anyones ideas and make them happen, you are well positioned for a wonderful life. You will live a passionate existence bringing dreams into reality. And you may even develop a reputation as a kind of “go-to” person to make things happen. They are somewhat rare, but you know a couple of them. They take an idea and create something out of it. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and become one of the them if you’re not already. If you are one, get going because the world needs you.

The opportunities are there. And the opportunities are abundant. It’s the people who take these opportunities and see them through to creation we are missing.


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