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Secret of Happy Customers?

happy-customerWhat does it take to make a customer happy these days?

With high expectations, and quality everywhere… it seems customer service is still one of those long lost forgotten arts.

If you’re in business, you think you give it – but do your customers really think that?

If you’re a consumer, you see the blatant lack of customer service on a daily basis.

So what is it that actually makes customers happy?

It’s simple really… the secret of happy customers is to give them more than they expected. No rocket science. No fancy stuff. Just good ole’ fashioned over-delivering.

But I think people confuse this, like you have to give away the farm and have extravagant gifts or surprises in store for customers.

Sometimes it’s as easy as personalising things. Asking their name. Genuinely asking how their day is and listening like you actually give a shit.

Make people feel special by giving them the gift of your absolute presence. Be with them in that moment and make their transaction memorable. It doesn’t really matter how you do it so long as it’s appreciated and unexpected.

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