In the first Corporate Culture article, I spoke about an overview of culture, it’s importance, it’s impact and how the seamless flow of ideas can be the linchpin.

To dive a little deeper, take a look at the cool infographic put together by AkkenCloud with some revealing data and quite frankly – worrying statistics that is driving more people to despair and unhappiness in the workplace.

Some businesses are embracing the new working economy. Some are flat out years behind with archaic thinking and work practices designed around hours, not producing.

There’s couple of ways one could look at this data…

1. It’s amazing the results it has revealed about American workers and just how valued they feel.

2. Really… we are still living in a time where we still struggle to appreciate the value of humans to the point that we need a psychological research institute to pull data like this and remind us of basic human goodness.

MORAL of the STORY: Every human is valuable. Every human has something to contribute. Leaders are not necessarily the ones paid the most in the workplace. They are the people with leadership qualities at any level who stand up and make people feel special, make people look forward to coming to work each day.

Let’s continue to learn from these studies and make conscious efforts as to which side of the equation you’d like you workplace to show up in the next inevitable study.

Check out the infographic – go read the full article at AkkenCloud for further insights by Terra Clarke Olsen (@Terrasum) and remember to leave a comment below or via LinkedIn.

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Infographic: Avoid Toxic Behavior and Build Self-Worth to Retain Employees

Via AkkenCloud