How Authentic Are You Being?

There’s two kind of creators.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, leader, youtuber, politician, marketer or salesperson – the message you put out there is either authentic or tailored to the audience.

There’s the marketer who works up a message full of keywords, customer motives and aims to please an audience for a gratifying response. Then there’s a marketer with a vision of what the world needs, how they can really help people who authentically aims to create change.

A politician who goes to the polls before taking a position is doing nothing more than being a puppet dictated to by the audience in an effort to preserve or gain their own appointment based on popularity.

The true leader will take a position based on what’s required. It’s about what’s right. Not popular.

Nothing wrong if your message is popular too. But if you’re goal is popular first, authentic second, you will become just another voice amongst the white noise that is competing to be heard.

Authenticity has its own volume. Truth and originality gets heard because its fresh. It resonates and says out loud what people might already be thinking but are too afraid to say themselves. It’s what we love about the observational comedian. And it’s how a leader stands out.

So check yourself…

Are you truly speaking your mind? Are you coming from the heart and pressing publish despite your fear of being criticised? Fear of being fluffy?

There are enough people just talking to the masses – telling them what they want to hear. It’s easy to say what the crowd wants to hear. I little research can tell you that.

To truly think is hard. To say what you really think can be even harder. But it’s needed.

Let’s challenge each other to put ourselves out there. Let the world hear a fresh message.

Leaders who create great change all start from this rung on the ladder. The difference is they are on a different ladder to the masses who’s message has an agenda of popularity. It’s why they climb higher.

Authentic leadership is rare. It’s hard because it takes such courage.

Overcome the need to be liked, right and shared. The message built for popularity is tainting your beliefs and it’s polluting your message that can create real change.

True inspiration always flows from the authentic leaders who’s moral, ethical and social compass points true north.

Tell us what you’re really thinking. Take your stand.

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