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“Beautifully simplistic – wisdom that will enlighten on every page”. Unlock 47 Secret Universal Laws It Has Taken the World’s Greatest Minds 3,000 Years to Recognize, Accumulate and Explain…You Can Now Tap into the Same Universal Power and Unleash Your Financial, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Abundance.



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[testimonial imageurl=”https://www.scottgroves.com/images/mark_victor_hansen50.jpg” imagealt=”MarkVictorHansen” name=”MVH” url=”http://markvictorhansen.com” sitename=”MarkVictorHansen.com”]
“Scott’s knowledge of the subconscious and how it relates to the achievement of your goals shows through on every page.” – Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®
Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

[testimonial imageurl=”https://www.scottgroves.com/images/John-Kanary50.jpg” imagealt=”John Kanary” name=”John Kanary” url=”http://johnkanary.com” sitename=”JohnKanary.com”]
“…an absolutely perfect formula to connect your goals with the subconscious mind.” – John Kanary, President, The Life Success Coach Inc.


[testimonial imageurl=”https://www.scottgroves.com/images/johngora.jpg” imagealt=”John Gora” name=”John Gora” url=”http://www.neuralnetworks.com.au” sitename=”NeuralNetworks.com”]

“Scott has the ability to turn your dreams into reality. As both a colleague and a friend, I have found his vision and insight inspirational.” – Dr. John Gora PhD



[testimonial2 title=”TESTIMONIALS” name=”Matt Adams” siteurl=”http://www.niagaratherapy.com.au” sitename=”Niagara Therapy”]”The information contained in this book has changed the way I set goals forever. Incredible!”[/testimonial2]


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Attention Sales Forces, Large Corporates and Network Marketers

You can now order company branded Special Reports with your logo as a gift to your staff and clients.


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