“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

– Bill McCartney, American Football”


Price of Experience?

As a former pro athlete, I know the power of having a coach in your corner. You don’t always like what they have to tell you but… what’s the other option – do it all on your own? You won’t live long enough to learn it all yourself. On your own = costly. One your own = time wasting. Speed the process. Get coach feedback. Put yourself in front of someone who will guide you, push you, challenge you and help you become who you can be, not who you should be!

Here’s What I Got For You…

I have been coaching for 19 years and I know how to bring the best out of people. Business owners, athletes, it makes no difference. Jim Rohn said, “If you want to be successful, study success”. Wanna ramp up your results? Contact us today and let’s see how coachable you are!

[testimonial author=”Liisa Bell, Georgie and Hector”]”Our first 2 hour meeting with Scott concluded at 12.50pm. Using Scott’s marketing ideas we created $6,800 in new sales by 3.20pm and we didn’t spend a single cent to do it. These were not deals we had on the go either – this was a fresh out of the box idea Scott gave us and it worked like magic! We cannot believe it. After months of frustration, it has all just vanished. If you need to fire up your sales and inject serious cashflow back into your business then drop everything and call Scott. He can turn things around FAST!”[/testimonial]


Choose Your Preferred Coaching Style

[tab title=”M3TRIC”]

M3TRIC Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Forum is the flagship program for businesses of all sizes. A small, forum of like minded business owners in a facilitated environment with specific content to develop the 12 High Impact Areas of your business.

Exclusivity in each program which means no competitive businesses allowed. You will learn from this amazing accumulation of proven, measurable numbers that less than 99% of businesses even think about, let alone actively track.

If you don’t have the time freedom and lifestyle you thought going into business was supposed to give you, you seriously need to attend this training. Learn from real “Lifestyle Entrepreneurs” about how they get results and live the most incredible lives – all at the same time!

[tab title=”1 on 1 Coaching” icon=””]

1 on 1 Coaching is the most personalised, and customisable method of coaching for clients who value privacy and prefer the closed environment to work in conjunction with their business and staff.

This is very exclusive and only available on 6 month and 12 month coaching agreements as there is only so many hours one person or I can work with you.

[tab title=”M3TRIC Hangouts” icon=”coffee”]

M3TRIC Hangouts are a low cost 2 hour taste test of very high content business principles that will have you wanting more. Immediately implementable. You will walk away with ideas that can pay for a full years worth of Metric Exclusive Business Forum Coaching.

Only located in Burleigh on the Gold Coast, you get unscripted, relaxed coffee hangout where you can meet other M3TRIC Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and ask whatever you like.




A Proven Record of Coaching People to Peak Performance Results for 19 Years

If you’re ready to be challenged and supported to go to the next level – don’t delay.



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