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Identify Your Online Areas of Improvement

Taking the step to conduct a Internet Marketing Audit of your web properties can be one of the most powerful services you could engage in. Whatever your type of online presence you have for you business, whatever your goals, whether you’ve an existing campaign or about to start one, or whether your campaign is failing or succeeding, the fact is that an audit can improve your results and outcomes.

Online Best Practices

High performance only comes from best practices. Only by taking stock, and evaluating your internet marketing where it is now, and incorporating your plans, strategies and goals for the future, can you achieve your desired results. You cannot fly blind and just hope!

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Internet Marketing Audits Include:

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[icon icon=”stop”] Risk and Threat Analysis

[icon icon=”minus”] Malicious Content / Reputation Issues



[icon icon=”lock”] Compliance and Security Issues / Rating

[icon icon=”bookmark”] Social Media Engagement Metrics



[icon icon=”sun”] Opportunities and Recommendations

[icon icon=”plus”] IP Protection and much more…

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4 Elements to an Internet Marketing Audit with Zanity

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[tab title=”Risks & Threats” icon=”warning-sign”]Identifying risks and threats can include a wide variety of vulnerabilities. These not only affect the security of your online business, but can affect your online reputation, negatively impact search engine ranking results and traffic, and essentially limit or lose you substantial revenue and reputation on a daily basis.[/tab]

[tab title=”Competition Benchmarking” icon=”globe”]Everyone wants to rank #1 on Google! But there are so many other factors to consider in your full spectrum of online marketing. Traffic is direct eyeballs on your site. Google is one source of traffic, and whilst extremely powerful, having a one-dimensional view could be limiting your business.

Your Internet Marketing Audit will highlight where you stand in relation to your direct competition, giving you the essential insights with recommendations from us at your fingertips to outrank, outmanoeuvre and basically outplay your competition.[/tab]

[tab title=”Social Media” icon=”file”]Since Google’s Hummingbird update in October 2013 launched, social media is having an even greater impact. An understanding of your key metrics as they relate to social media can help you:


  • Increase traffic
  • Drive leads
  • Improve engagement and customer / client interaction
  • Discover new wants & needs (products & services)
  • Improve rankings


Social media is now easier than ever to measure, maintain and leverage and simply must be incorporated as part of your overall content strategy.[/tab]

[tab title=”Opportunities” icon=”gift”]The opportunities become clear when you can clearly see what is going on. An audit highlights every element you will need to address to piece together your short term fixes, combined with long term strategy for superior positioning and ultimate outcomes.

Prioritising these opportunities can be done based on the results of your internet marketing audit by yourself, your team or in consultation with us. There is a massive world of opportunity out there waiting for you. Talk to us today about all the potential opportunities and take the step forward today![/tab]


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Booking Your Internet Marketing Audit

Scott Groves is Senior Partner at Zanity, arguably Australia’s Leading Internet Marketing Firm with an impressive list of clients and reputation for delivering outstanding online results.

With internet marketing audits conducted across blue chip clients such as PwC, GE, Macquarie Bank, Bupa, Subway, Myers, 7Eleven and 1,000’s of SME’s through to large National and International Organisations.

You’ll get personal contact with Scott and your IM Audit will be conducted by a Full Team of IT, IM, SEO, Social Media & Strategic Experts who consult on a daily basis to real world businesses.

Connect with Scott

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Internet Marketing Audit – Improve Your Online Marketing Results Today!


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