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“Marketing is a Very Broad Word… for 6 Very Specialised Areas!”

Marketing is the broad term I use for driving people to you. Sales is converting them! If you look at your business through this simple filter, you will find your marketing is the single greatest source of leverage. Nothing can explode your business like marketing – nothing! But where do you start?


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Marketing Strategy

A clear strategic objective and understanding of the marketing funnel through to sales conversion is key to making ANY campaign successful. Marketing strategies need clearly defined, results driven end goals. This can often mean the satisfaction of multiple purposes.

For example, positioning can be achieved with the methods used throughout your marketing campaigns.

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The most underestimated, least focussed on area of marketing, until it comes time for people to put pen to paper. Marketing has many facets, but copywriting translates you marketing offers, appeals, personality and desired actions in unique ways.

Words have an incredible effect on persuading the human mind. Emotion possesses energy. And good copywriting injects power into your marketing like no other… yet less and less people understand, learn and study this masterful art form.


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Online Marketing

WOW! How this game has changed – and is still changing! Whilst online marketing falls under the category of a ‘marketing medium’ it is the central, most rapidly growing media source globally and people with their ‘heads in the sand’ are being left behind.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse or even cool to admit. CEO’s and key executives worldwide have access to transparent marketing data that even the smartest marketer can no longer hide from. You simply must know your stuff in the ever changing marketing medium.

Talk to our experts for a full Internet Marketing Audit on your social media marketing and online conversion strategies.



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[icon icon=”splash”]Branding

Inconsistency in a brand can be a killer.

You must know the 3 core elements to integrate into your brand if you want to play in the big leagues. The direct marketing world will forever be at logger-heads with brand related marketing but with the right approach, you can achieve both sales results and subconscious conditioning for your brand if you understand the psychology of marketing principles.

Scientists tell us that 90% of what we now know about the human brain has been learned in the last 20 years. Time for direct marketers and ‘Madison Avenue’ style brand building ad agencies to learn from one another for the hybrid marketing effects available today.



[icon icon=”refresh”]Front End, Back End

Learn Scott’s “Golden Rule” for Front End Marketing and Back End Marketing – and no, it’s not as simple as you should have both!

Front end marketing and the acquisition of your new customers is almost always your most expensive conversion. The ultimate profitability and maximising the lifetime value of your customers comes down to your back end marketing. Having a systematic model of follow up, engagement and ‘second glass’ offerings is where many business models fall short.

You have been sold this way many times and may never have even notice it. But if you’re not selling this way, you’re missing a big chunk of coin.



[icon icon=”color”]Design & Layout

Human psychology dictates how people’s attention is grabbed and kept. SG Int’l works off 12 rules for achieving a layout that gets you noticed. With psychological elements weaved into every aspect of your marketing pieces, you will have clearly defined reasons for the fonts you use, layout, psychological flow of your print ad or webpage.

In marketing, design and layout can make the difference between capturing the attention of a prospect or turning them off. But here’s the kicker, once you’ve got someone’s attention, your design and layout should slip away subconsciously as people lose themselves in your content – that is the purpose of good design.

Any more than that, and it’s called a “distraction”.



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Here’s What I Got For You…

Using simple, proven principles – you can catapult your marketing to a whole new level. But it cannot be flash in the pan. You need rules or you’ll get toasted. There is no 100% formula but there is formulas that increase your odds. Marketing is a measurable game. And what you can measure, you can improve. Know these numbers and few basic rules and you can win big. Don’t know them and you can lose the farm!

Expert marketing advice can be dispensed in minutes, but it can take decades to learn. “Experience is a great school, but the fees are high.”

Triangle of Value

Many businesses are still stuck between the “Triangle of Value” where they want:

  1. Quality (“I want the best”)
  2. Speed (“I want it now”)
  3. Price (“I don’t want to pay much”)

The better the quality and faster you want something, the more you’ll pay. If you can afford to wait, or can deal with lower quality, you’ll save a few bucks. But stop and think about what it’s worth to get 10 years of experience delivered to you in 1 day. What’s it worth to you to save 9 years and 364 days of toiling, struggle, learning and losing to discover the success methods you can essentially use as shortcuts in your marketing journey?


[testimonial author=”- Kylie Hams, Trim ‘n’ Terrific Gymnasiums”]”Scott’s understanding of human psychology and what makes people whip out their wallets is incredible. His methods are worth a fortune. No serious business owner would be found dead without a marketing and sales coach like Scott Groves.”[/testimonial]

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Personal Marketing Audit with Scott?

Consultations by Phone, Skype or in Person. Bookings by Appointment Only.

You can email your specific enquiry and Scott or one of his assistants will come back to you with appointment availability, fee schedule and criteria to work with him.
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