Let Go Of Your Child

Your business is much like a child. You can want it to have your personality, your beliefs and values. You can work hard trying to shape it’s culture, but like a child, a growing enterprise will take on a personality of its own.

And to truly thrive, you must accept that this is how it is – and let it go so it can grow.

All you can do is be the loving parent. Oversee it. Keep it in line and on the moral high ground. Discipline it when required. And teach it the value of helping others.

Your child will learn the importance of adding value to other people’s lives, and see it as the key to wealth. And by wealth I don’t just mean money. By wealth, I mean a feeling of abundance. In emotion, spirit, happiness, and yes of course the money. They all go together.

The problem with business owners… some are still spoon feeding their children as though they are still babies 10 years after they are born. Their children can’t even walk yet because of the way they have parented. It sounds crazy when you think of your business like a child, but in business, it’s happening all around us. Maybe it even hits close to home for you too.

If you really want to run your business, you must let your child walk on their own first.

Let go so you can grow.

Happy Birthday Dad.

(thanks for the freedom you gave me).


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