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I often wonder how many arguments arise because of a little lipstick or makeup left on a collar.

And I’m not talking about the suspicious coming home from work like that – but the opposite – leaving for work with a clean shirt, only to be “messed” up by your partner giving you a kiss or hug goodbye as you head out the door.

I wonder how often this results in a wife or girlfriend apologising or a man getting upset…

Heading out the door to visit clients, I often have makeup on my shirt from a departing kiss goodbye…. and I couldn’t be happier to leave it there.

Has society gone so overly “correct” that we are supposed to be upset about a little love left on us?

I say “screw anyone” who thinks it’s wrong.

There’s a wonderful saying I have long remembered…

“The people I work for, are waiting for me at home!”

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