Spontaneous Pleasures

spontaneous-swimYou know “it’s the little things in life” that bring the most joy.

Sometimes it takes nothing more than a simple spontaneous act to shake things up a bit and make you feel alive.

So often we march to the beat of someone else’s drum. We wake up at a certain time so we can get the kids to school on time, and ourselves to work on time. The phone rings so we answer it because we feel like we have to.

This morning, as the clock approached 8:15am, with kids all dressed for school – I couldn’t stand the heat anymore so I stripped off and jumped into the pool. Within seconds, the kids got the nod from Mum to join me. Their clothes were off a thousand times quicker than it took to put on (go figure!).

That one spontaneous act by us all had us laughing and splashing in the pool with so much joy. The simple excitement of breaking the status quo. The risk of being late for a really good reason instead of something like “sleeping in”.

If you need a spontaneous pleasure to break up your day, to give yourself that mental, emotional and spiritual facelift – then try something wild. For once, just stop and do something that breaks the mould.

Man it feels good! And as my children would say as they plagiarise a popular TV Ad,  “That’s livin’ Barry!”

P.S. We even made it to school on time – success!

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