Sales Simplicity

Sales - Keep It SimpleA 1 Year Old’s Birthday Party is a great way to catch up with old friends. And catching up with the guys today was like a trip down memory lane. It is every time we see each other.

Because we all worked in sales together, starting over a decade ago – the conversation naturally gravitated towards sales. Matt, Ian and I all started in commission only sales with a high emphasis from our trainers on personal development, attitude and ethical selling with strong work habits. Now we have all progressed into high end sales management positions or higher, we tend to keep the subtlties of sales narrowed down to their essence – their basics – the power of simplicity.

Ian yesterday shared with me a powerful philosophy that all salespeople need to learn, understand and practice on a daily basis if they wish to succeed. Here’s what he said…

“If you’re not presenting, you should be prospecting.
If you’re not prospecting, you should be presenting.”

Simple sales truth but how powerful. Wish I thought to put it like that.

Thanks Ian.

Happy Birthday Lara.

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