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Sales Avenue


The item you want to sell and it’s actual value rarely dictates how much money you get for it.

What adds value, is credibility and the sales avenue you use to sell it.

For example… I have a signed Brisbane Broncos Jersey from their Premiership year, the Centenary Year of Rugby League that is fully signed by the Team, including the great Darryn Lockyer…

If purchased at a Celebrity Auction Event in a room full of half drunk CEO’s it would fetch $2,500+.

If sold online via ebay auction it would fetch $1,000 upwards.

If sold at a garage sale, I’d be lucky to get $500 for it unless 3 raving Bronco’s fans rocked up at the same time and all wanted it.

The point is, the sale avenue, how your traffic of sales lead come to you, largely dictates the window through which your value is viewed.

Some call it positioning. Some call it framing.

Whatever you want to call, understand the concept because it’s the difference between getting big dollars and penny’s.


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