7 Unspoken Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy – What Customers Are Really Thinking

sales-7Every successful sale satisfies what we are about to talk about. Every lost sale, fails to address the 7 areas we are about to talk about.

Sales is really about a few basic things at the end of the day.

It’s about –

  • Trust
  • Proof
  • Listening
  • Demonstrating Value
  • Providing a Relevant Solution to a Customers Situation

If every salesperson was to focus themselves on providing these 5 essential elements in each sales presentation – we would see sales improve for each person dramatically.

Much of the above comes from having a personality trait or characteristic that naturally lend itself to successful selling.

Curiosity – the desire to know. Wanting to find out more about someone or something means a person will automatically ask quality questions that genuinely open up conversations and lead towards opportunities to make a customers life better. Wanting to find out why they are not going ahead and truly get to the bottom of things so you can solve it for them. This is the power of curiosity. And with genuine curiosity, you won’t upset people.

Interrogation is asking questions without caring about the answer with the purpose of finding a solution.

Curiosity is asking questions whilst caring about the answer with the purpose of finding a solution.

That process of asking good questions and listening well is what develops trust. And with trust, you become more believable as a salesperson. You are then able to demonstrate the core value of what you are presenting. And by demonstrating this core value you bring, you clearly provide a solution to your customers world that even they may not have previously thought of.

Now, we all know that you can’t sell to every single person you meet. Sometimes there is simply not a good fit. But when there is, we all know that feeling of walking away from a lost sale because we didn’t present things in the right way to turn that customers light bulb on.

So what can you do?

Begin by viewing the reasons why people didn’t buy, not as objections, but as areas of your own presentation you need to work on to overcome this all people you bump into.

Here are the 7 Unspoken Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From You…

1. “You don’t understand me / my problem” (you’re not listening to me)
2. “How do I know you’re qualified?” (prove to me – credibility of you, co., product)
3. “I don’t believe you or what you are saying / selling”
4. “I don’t need it right now” (not urgent)
5. “It won’t work for me” (can’t see the relevance)
6. “What happens if I don’t like it?” (you don’t have my commitment yet)
7. “I can’t afford it” (I can’t see enough reasons to find the money for this yet)

Looking at each of the above 7 Unspoken Reasons should point you towards an area of your presentation you need to work on in order to close deals.

The whole mentality of not selling on the day and getting people via follow up is a deficiency of trust you need to work on. The only thing that happens with more follow up is people become more comfortable with you. The intensity to own certainly goes down (no.4). Not much else changes with follow up when you look at the above list.

So if you want to close more sales period! – and especially if you want to close more sales on the day – work on overcoming the above 7 Reasons by working on yourself. Improve your curious nature so the questions flow more naturally.

Show your customers all the reasons why we can help them and what it will cost them if they put this off any longer.

Here’s to the greatest and oldest profession in the world… Selling!

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  1. Greg Tomkins
    Greg Tomkins says:

    Scott – I can not agree more. You have succinctly defined the sales process which so many people have forgotten or overlooked.

    I would like to add one comment of my own and that is to say “No matter what line of business you are in, at the end of the day we are never selling a product or a service. What one should always consider is that we exist to sell a solution to a problem our clients and customers have. If we can identify what they are really needing (i.e. the solution to their problem) and can present our products or services in the context of a solution to that problem then you will have overcome their biggest need. After that just pay attention to the 7 reason why people don’t buy”

    Great article!

  2. Scott Groves
    Scott Groves says:

    Thanks Greg. You are right – solution providers are the only true salespeople.

    I was taught years ago when I first started selling a lesson that I’ve never forgotten… and that was…

    “You don’t sell people. You only show them the reasons why they decided to buy”


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