Gary Halbert’s Legacy Lives On

I still remember the day I saw the first email come through with the condolenses surrounding Gary Halbert’s death.

I still remember the shock. It was April 9 – a day I will certainly now never forget as it is the same say my Mum passed away this year. As a result, I feel an even greater kinship and cherish every recording, article and scrap of notes that contains Gary’s wisdom.

Tragically, the world lost arguably the greatest copywriter. He was a master of human persuasion. He constructed campaigns that I still laugh in awe at – as they are that good.

In his final years, a man by the name of Sam Markowitz moved to work side by side Gary. Sam became known as “The Last Protege” of the great Gary Halbert. Sam has written an in-depth article I highly recommend you read.

It’s available for free. It doesn’t need you to optin or anything. Just enjoy the wisdom like so many of us have for so long.

May Gary’s legacy live forever.

Click here to read “The Last Protege” article by Sam

Forever in my heart and mind – Scott

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