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I have decided to write another book. With the success of “The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting” selling in 20 countries around the world – and the amazing testimonials and emails I get from those who have read it… I feel it is about time I wrote another one.

This past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to craft a life of ultimate balance and abundance. I have a beautiful wife and 2 angels for children. I am involved in multiple successful businesses. I have a wonderful circle of friends. I have travelled to Europe and all over Australia and New Zealand multiple time. And this past 12 months, I have completed 3 marathons, a half ironman and multiple triathlon races without losing any of the balance in my life. It is fair to say that I am blissfully happy.

You are hearing this for a reason…

I believe I can show anyone, how they can achieve similar results for their own life.

Balanced Abundance” has become my new creed for living. I believe in staying healthy. Having a wonderful family life. Working on projects and daily business with true passion with great people. And achieving the financial and spiritual goals all at the same time.

Too many settle for far less than they are capable of. I want to start a movement. A revolution of life fulfilling momentum for people of all ages, backgrounds, races and classes. You can change so much in a short space of time.

Here’s what I need from you…

Comment below by asking me your “Single most important question about living a life of Balanced Abundance.”

When I am done, I will not only personally reply to each comment, but I will send you a free copy of “Balanced Abundance” in digital format for you to read as my way of saying thank you for contributing to it.


Thank you and talk soon.

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