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Your Money Process

Money ProcessTo get wealthy, you must find a process that produces results that you’re prepared to repeat.

In every industry, business and individual that experiences any sort of success, you can trace it back to a process. What you will often find is the level of success comes down to how often that process has been repeated.

In sales, you have a process that produces results. It may be hard work. It may challenge you emotionally, mentally, perhaps even physically – but can you think of a time when you achieved major success without repeating a proven process.

If you are not prepared to repeat the process, you can never get the momentum, never get the traction, never get the experience, and never get the abundance of results to get wealthy.

If you are one of those personalities that quickly moves onto the next big thing, the next opportunity, the next good idea – you will always flit from brief success to brief success but never experience a major breakthrough.

As a tennis pro, it came down to the millions of balls we hit. The countless hours in the gym and on the road training. The mental work. The nutrition. The recovery. The team of people you rely on to help you stay in peak condition.

In sales, it’s not much different. You rely on a proven product. A proven industry of buyers. You rely on sales support, managers and proven sales processes.

W. Edward Demming revolutionized the Japanese car industry by measuring and systemizing every process and having workers repeat them. Biggest Loser contestants drop bucket loads of fat from their bodies by getting their butts out of bed again the next day and repeating a proven process.

Every success you or I have ever had in sports, career, sales, health and fitness etc. has come from this one discipline, the willingness to repeat a proven process that produces results.

You cannot escape the repetition of a proven process. Find what works and do it over and over again. It may not be glamorous but it works. If you want glamor you are disillusioned because success in even the most “glamorous” careers in the world, come down to hard work, grit, persistence when you are tired, and repetition of a proven process.

The supermodels in New York cannot escape the 4am make up session.

The celebrity cannot escape the 11pm radio interviews.

No one will ever see or appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes… and they never will!

So you must decide for yourself if it’s worth doing or not. You must decide if you will wake up again today and do what works all over again.

Repeat your proven process. Find a way to enjoy it so it’s easy to repeat and you can sleep well at night knowing the results are inevitable. Success is natural and inevitable when the proven process is followed.

So to wrap this up it only seems fitting to repeat this disciplined philosophy…

“To get wealthy, you must find a process that produces results that you’re prepared to repeat!”

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