Subconscious Princess

I’m sure all girls dream of being a Princess when they are little. Just the thought of growing up with your handsome Prince inside a big castle, being waited on hand and foot while your two ugly sisters can only dream and scheme of having what you have…

You know the story. Walt Disney has done an amazing job at creating these images in the minds of little girls for over 50 years. It was 1950 that Cinderella was aired and it became the biggest Disney success since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Did you ever think about the power of these impressions on the subconscious mind?

Well take a look at this…


Whilst this whole article is a little tongue-in-cheek, still pretty powerful that subconscious stuff, heh?

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  1. Brendan Malone
    Brendan Malone says:

    I have recently introduced myself to your book, combined with tapping and hardest of all, meditation. Must say…”THE BEST”.

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