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#1 Role of Sales Management

sales-managementIf you are a Sales Manager dealing with the day-to-day business of sales management, then you know the massive amount of things you need to keep your eyes on.

There’s the sales figures, marketing data, lead sources, monthly targets you need to hit, and then all the sales meetings, clients issues etc you need to keep up with.

But if you had to choose the “single, most important daily practice” a good sales manager needs to truly have a finger on the pulse with, would you know what it is?

After years working in sales and sales management arenas, and with dozens of highly successful sales managers who I would call my friends, I believe there is one common trait they all share that smoothly assimilates into the key to their success as a sales manager.

Their # 1 role as a Sales Manager is to eliminate excuses in salespeople.

It’s not about what areas are you working, what have you got in your pipeline, how many proposals did you write this month or any of that. Although these activities have some bearing on success they are not the core.

The core success factor in any sales organisation comes down to the accepted excuses that the sales team lives by.

Excuses like, “the economy is no good and everyone’s waiting” or “don’t bother with X industry/race/religion because they never buy”.

Whatever excuse gets accepted becomes the playing field by which all future salespeople play by.

A good sales manager doesn’t allow these excuses on their terrain.

A good sales manager won’t allow any more reasons to not make sales than those valid conditions that exist. Objection get dealt with in creative and deeply explored ways to best overcome them and all else is excuses.

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