10,000For years there has been research, debate and studies done on “Experts”, the “Elite” and the “Best of the Best”.

What does it take to be a “pro”? What separates the great from the mediocre” Let me keep this simple…

The Expert Factors are –

1. Time

2. Full Spectrum Learning

3. Talent

And it would probably be fair to say they each rate in order for their level of importance – let me explain…


Whatever the field of endeavour – Designer, Martial Artist, Fire Poi Performer, Copywriter, Athlete, Surgeon – you name it, you cannot escape the inevitability of TIME that must be put in.

The apprentice hairdresser, plumber, carpenter – all put in full days work and attend schooling in off weeks to evolve their experience and learnings which they put into practice for at least 4 years just to be fully qualified. To be considered “elite” would require more time, more learning, more evolving at higher levels of performance to reach such high levels of skill.

This 10,000 hour concept all started with a study conducted by Anders Ericcson, a Psychologist who conducted research at the Academy of Music in Berlin between three groups of violinists were studied.  The first group had stars pupils, the second had good students and the third had students who would probably never play professionally. The conclusion was simple, each of the elites students by age 21 had each practiced a total of 10,000 hours.


10,000 hours is a long time. How much is 10,000 hours?

It equates to 3 hours of practice per day, every single day for 10 years.


8 hours a day for 5 days a week = 250 weeks or 5 years (wonder why we see 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years).

Full spectrum learning is more than just learning something. You must continue to learn. You must evolve each new skill, each new learning on top of the previous learning. All of this gets incorporated into your practice. Your daily routines.

10,000 hours of Full Spectrum Learning in business operation means your business should have evolved with systems over the hours. From the basic set up and running of day to day – to evolving into the systems and processes that make you great. Many business don’t survive 10,000 hours, let alone reach that level of mastery. They might learn and stagnate. And anyone who does this, is destined to mediocrity, not greatness.

Full spectrum learning is a process of evolving. It takes time which is why time is more important than full spectrum. You must involve yourself heavily in the basics to be able to progress to more advanced moves. It’s like any sport, musical instrument or business.

But once you master each step, each phase of learning, you can play at the elite level.

Talent speeds the process and is the only exception to the 10,000 hour rule. But for someone born with an abundance of talent, it still does not automatically ensure success. They still must put in the work. And although the research is much thinner on this level, as talent is no doubt much harder to define, there is no doubt in my mind (although I cannot prove this) but even the talented ones still must put in 1,000’s of hours.

What if you’re PASSIONATE about it, but NOT possessing born talent – Answer 10,000 hours.

What if you’re GIFTED, but don’t LOVE it – unless they do the hours… mediocrity.


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