Class vs Form

Roger_Federer“Form is temporary. Class is permanent.”

When I think of “Class”, I think of Roger Federer. Here’s a man who despite his wins and losses, is always gracious, humble and kind. His playing form may be on or off but that doesn’t change the way he speaks to people, treats people.

He is pure class.

There are other people who have no class. They can be performing well at life or completely losing and either way they lie, or are rude, arrogant or false. They don’t really care about other people and it shows. You probably know people, as I do, who can put on an act for a short time, but when the pressure mounts their true colors show.

Form is more about the results you’re getting. Class is how you go about getting those results.

Form shows the surface results in life. Class shows the purest character.


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